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Understanding Immigration Laws

Immigration and naturalization in the United States is governed by federal law. An experienced immigration lawyer not only understands these laws but also has practical knowledge of how to pursue desired results within the complex set of agencies that make immigration decisions.

Below we provide some general information about U.S. immigration laws. To learn more about your immigration options, contact us today.

Immigration – an Overview

Immigration law covers the procedures for entering the US, determines who is and is not eligible for entry, sets the rules for obtaining citizenship and deporting foreign nationals who violate US immigration or other laws. Immigration attorneys assist foreign nationals seeking to come to the US to study, travel, conduct business and work. They also help employers complete the application and certification processes to employ foreign workers for permanent and temporary positions. If you have an immigration-related issue, contact Huang Law LLC in Wilmington, Delaware to schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer.

Attorneys practicing immigration law may handle various legal matters for aliens and US citizens living both inside and outside of the US. Some of the types of issues someone may seek the assistance of an immigration attorney include:

Visas for Permanent and Temporary Stays

Immigration attorneys can help foreign nationals with visa selection and the application process, as well as help them understand the type of documentation that will be necessary to secure a visa and explain any restrictions on their ability to enter the US. Immigration attorneys also can help employers determine the correct type of visa to apply for to hire foreign nationals as temporary or permanent employees, and help them determine whether any special certifications are necessary from the Department of Labor.

Some of the most common types of visas include:

Changing Immigrant Status

When applying for a visa, it is very important that foreign nationals choose the correct type of visa that will allow them to accomplish their goals while in the US. Each visa category comes with special requirements and may include restrictions on the type of activity the visa holder may do during his or her stay. For example, holders of student visas are not permitted to work unless they have received special permission. Sometimes it may be necessary for an alien to change his or her immigrant status to another category, like a student visa holder who has been offered permanent employment in the US.

Applying for Visa Extensions

Foreign nationals entering the US with temporary, or nonimmigrant visas, are only permitted to remain in the country for a limited amount of time, depending on the type of visa they received. For example, seasonal agricultural workers are allowed to remain in the US for less than one year at a time before they have to return to their home countries. In some instances, the time allowed for the temporary visa may not be long enough for the foreign national to complete the purpose of his or her trip to the US. In these cases, the foreign national may apply for an extension to remain in the US longer. There are strict requirements and deadlines for applying for extensions, so it is important the foreign national not wait until the last moment to apply for one.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Foreign nationals who live as legal permanent residents in the US for five years may be eligible to apply for US citizenship. This process, known as naturalization, includes many important steps. The immigrant must be able to demonstrate the ability to read, write and speak English and must be able to pass a US history and civics exam. The immigrant also must be of ?ood moral character.?Certain types of criminal convictions may make an immigrant ineligible for citizenship. It is very important to prepare for the naturalization process and truthfully complete the application process. Any material misrepresentations during the process may result in removal (also called deportation).

Immigration attorneys also may answer questions concerning:

  •     Asylum and refugee status
  •     Diversity lottery
  •     Dual citizenship
  •     Visa waiver program
  •     PERM process

I-9 Compliance

We work with companies and business to ensure compliance with I-9 regulations and to prevent companies from becoming the subject of an ICE audit or work site raid.


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