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Be Prepared for the Deferred Action for DREAMERS

Undocumented youth will learn this week the detailed guidelines to apply for the deferred action for DREAMERs.

The application is set to be available Aug. 15, but there are things you can be doing already.

  • Wait patiently. USCIS hasn’t been released the application, yet some people have been promising undocumented youth to help them begin the application process in exchange for thousands of dollars. Undocumented immigrants are advised not to fall for such scams.
  • Contact a lawyer. If you have complicated case, you might need the assistance of a lawyer. If so, it would be a good idea to begin looking for one now but it is still advised to wait until the application is out to meet with  a lawyer. You can turn to organizations like the American Immigration Lawyers Association for a list of trusted lawyers in your area.
  • Collect documents. Create a binder for documents that show, in chronological order, the date you entered the U.S. and prove that you have remained in the country between June 15, 2007 and June 15, 2012. Though documents for      only those dates are required, it could help to also include documents dating back to when you first arrived in the U.S. Those documents could include:
    • Financial records: lease agreements, mortgage agreements, bank statements, checks, bills.
    • Medical records: immunization records, a medical history report from a doctor, medical bills.
    • School records: report cards, progress reports, diplomas, transcripts, GED certificates. If you’re still enrolled in school, you will need to submit proof of current school enrollment. This could include a letter from the school, a teacher or a counselor.
    • Employment records: Though undocumented immigrants are not legally allowed to work, some manage to do so for employers who don’t ask for a social security number. If so, those individuals should include pay stubs, employment contracts or direct deposit slips. It’s not recommended to include employment records if they contain falsified information.
    • Records that show your involvement with a church, a union or an organization.

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