Employment Based Immigration — Recommendation Letter Drafting

People who are preparing for filing of EB1A (Person of Extraordinary Ability), EB1B (Outstanding Researcher/Professor) and NIW (National Interest Waiver) cases often struggle with recommendation letter drafting. They are either too busy with the research projects or teaching asssignment or they are not confident enough to draft 5 or 6 letters on the same subject at the same time. However, the importance of strong recommendation letters and a well drafted-petition letter to support the petition cannot be over emphasized. I would like to offer the following tips regarding the drafting:

1. Before you start, get the CVs of the professors and scholors who will sign your recommendation letter.

2. Google, google, and google. Find any news and information about your lab, your company, your professor. Pay attention to funding that they get and awards they receive.

3. Get your own CV ready. Read it 10 times before you start to write the recommendation letters. Know your selling points.

4. Always mention your publications when you are talking about a specific subject or area of science.

5. Always begin a paragraph with a topic sentence.

6. Assume that your readers know nothing about science. Use plain language. Educate them about the area that you are working on. But do not assume they are stupid. Be specific. Be convincing.

7. Use a tone that a professor will use.

8. If you canot do it, let a professional do it.